Frequently Asked Questions

"How do these materials differ from others on the market?"
In one sentence, they've been simplified. And by that I mean that first and foremost, they are colour-coded for easy learning. That means that throughout the material, the vowels are printed in red, the diphthongs in green and the consonants in blue. Once the student has learnt the symbols using this method it is much easier for them to read the standard black print in any other publication regardless if it is in the course book you are using or in a dictionary.

Secondly, the example words are simple so that adults and children will have no problem associating the word to the symbol in question.

And last but not least, each symbol is
not integrated within the picture representing the example word.
"My student's pronunciation is quite good so I don't think they need to know the phonemic symbols, do they?"
You might want to rethink this! Just because their pronunciation is good, doesn't mean that they will know how to pronounce every new word they read. Nobody wants to appear a fool when they are learning a new language .... ourselves (as teachers) included!! So think of the following types of students:
  • those preparing for their exams who need to study outside the classroom;
  • those studying business English and who have just been asked by their superior to prepare a presentation in English for one of their clients;
  • teenagers who have to prepare a presentation in front of the class;
  • those attending conversation classes preparing to travel abroad.
Basically all students who want to say what they mean and say it well!
"I teach 5 different levels of students and with each level I use a different course book. How do these materials suit me?"
You're just the type of teacher these books were written to support! It doesn't matter what course book you use, these materials can be used alongside it and even support it!
"How can I integrate the material into my classroom?"
Very easily. There are 3 sets of materials available, one for the teacher and two different sets for students.

The Teacher's Set contains a Resource Book, an A3 size chart and CD and a Student's Workbook.
The Resource Book contains tips for the teacher with no experience of teaching the phonemic symbols and activities approximately 10-15 minutes long that can be adapted to suit any new vocabulary introduced to your students using your main classroom course book and any vocabulary from previous lessons that you would like to revise. Perfect for the beginning and end of a school term.
It also contains photocopiable classroom cards in 2 different sizes that can be laminated and then used over and over again.
The Student's Workbook contains written activities and an 8 page glossary of basic vocabulary.

The Classroom Set contains the audio CD and an A4 size version of the chart in the Teacher's Pack. Laminated, flexible and durable, this version of the chart is intended as a quick reference for your students whether in or out of the classroom and supplements the Teacher's Pack. They are available to schools and teachers and are sold in packs of 5 or 10 . So why stand at the photocopier giving your students a paper version when they can have a professional copy? Haven't you got enough to do? They even get a CD!

The Self-Study Set contains an A4 size version of the chart, audio CD and the Student's Workbook.
"Why are some of the activities in the Student's Workbook written exercises? Why do student's have to know how to write the symbols?"
Of course student's don't have to learn how to write the symbols - BUT IT IS THE FASTEST METHOD OF REMEMBERING THE DIFFERENT SYMBOLS! You'll be surprised how many of your students will actually enjoy the challenge!
"Where can I buy a set of materials?"
You can buy printed materials directly from LWP using the contact form on this webpage (postage and package will be added to the prices) or you can purchase them through any bookshop in Switzerland by quoting the ISBN numbers of each article. These can be found on the publications page of this site. The electronic classroom tool is available on the iBookstore and can be downloaded directly using the links on this site.